Diplomatic Express?

Diplomatic Express Clothing also referred to as DipEx Clothing for short is the product of an idea of 3 cousins from Miami Florida, who had a vision of making a street clothing brand that was luxury in quality and design yet limitedly produced to keep exclusivity.

The Story!

Our true passion for fashion came around 2006. When we were in high school we quickly became known for our risk taking fashions. We were some of the few dudes in the school house rocking skinny jeans, Hobo jackets and bright colored tee's. Some took a liking to it (the girls) but some just never understood our passion for fashion and getting fly the way we wanted to. We received a lot of hate at first, even got dubbed names such as the skinny pant crew or tight jean squad. Eventually, as time passed our style must have really grew on our peers, because we became the Go Too guys on "What was hot". People started asking us on the daily; questions on where we shop, or how we felt about certain clothing brands and trends. That's the moment when the entrepreneurs in us were born.

The Grind!

We started Diplomatic Express Clothing in early 2010, with no help from any investors, no shadowing, no money or even a clue to as what we were doing. All we had was real passion and a vision to create a clothing line that people would wear in confidence and get really fly in. We literally had to sacrifice everything to fund and build Diplomatic Express clothing, and being new and young in the game didn't make the process any easier. We had to deal with a lot Bad Business and shady people who took advantage of us being young and vulnerable. However, No matter how much times we've gotten played and ripped off, our passion and hunger allowed us to continue. Diplomatic Express now is an internationally selling clothing brand that has received a lot of attention for its sweaters and hoodies. Their have also have been a few celebrities and public figures that have been spotted out rocking their Diplomatic Express Gear. "The Grind doesn't stop for us at Diplomatic Express, were working extremely hard to continue producing exclusive and quality gear that is DiplomaticExpressClothing....Stay tuned!!!!

The Love

Diplomatic express Clothing is still an up and coming, and growing Brand, we have been able to make it this far from the supporters and shoppers who have been showing us love from day 1. The EXPRESSERS! These are the people who ride for us and our cause LIFE BEYOND FASHION, which is our way of telling people to just Be yourself, Do you, Go hard for what you believe in as long as you are 100% passionate about it.